Advocacy: Save Our Rivers Campaign

ADVOCACY: Nadi Bachao Abhiyan (Save Our Rivers campaign)

The current campaign to protest against the over-exploitation of Himalayan rivers is a widespread one across Garhwal and Kumaon Himalaya. The Himalaya Trust took up the campaign in Kumaon in September 2008. The protestors are campaigning against the government’s policy of destroying an important natural heritage by damming and exploitation of mountain rivers through the proliferation of hydro-power schemes. The “jalyatra” organized by the Himalaya Trust in Katyur Valley included representatives of two major river systems feeding Garur, the Saryu and the Gomti, and their seven tributaries. Their slogan is Save our Rivers, Save our Waters, Save our Mountains. The Trust plans to undertake watershed conservation work in all micro-watersheds which feed the Gomti and Saryu rivers as a major task to save the catchments and springs from which the forest fed rivers originate.

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