Health Education for Village Communities

1. Health Camps &Midwives Training Program (2014-15)

Aims: Training and upgrading knowledge and methods of traditional midwives, local youth and ASHAs in pregnancies, awareness camp for enhancing knowledge of general health conditions and simple locally available remedies for treatment of women and children; First Aid and Emergency/ Disaster response Training for youth.

Objectives: Three training capsules for the local community were to be organized:

  1. First Aid Camp for 30 youths,
  2. Midwifery Training camp for 30 midwives;
  3. 5-day Health Awareness camp for the local community.


  1. 5 day- camp for health awareness training was held at Ganeshpur, Uttarkashi for identifying and prevention of common health problems,
  2. A 5-day training course for First Aid and Disaster Response training was held for youth. No of participants:
  3. 5-day training camp was held for traditional midwives to upgrade knowledge and hygiene methods.


2. WHERE THERE IS NO DOCTOR”:A Health Awareness project for Garur Valley (2013-15)


Aims Our objectives were to cover at least 20 distant villages on the periphery of the Garur Valley with health awareness camps, demonstrations, regular visits of health counselors and doctors. HT aimed to use puppetry shows to bring about behavioral change in hygiene and sanitation, to extend health messages to the wider public, and impart knowledge on about prevalent non life threatening illnesses.

 Objectives: Our health awareness camps covered training and upgrading skills of traditional midwives and ASHAs, Training in First Aid and Disaster Response, Adolescent Counseling, General Health knowledge and awareness, prevention and care of women’s illnesses, contagious skin diseases, tuberculosis, identification and treatment of Anemia and intestinal worms among young women and school children, eyesight testing and issue of spectacles for school children, training of Community Health Monitors selected from interested local youth, and propagating health knowledge and behavioral change through puppetry.


Summary of project activities: TBA (Midwives) trainings: (3 camps), First Aid and Disaster Response (2 camps), Adolescent Counseling (2 camps), Health Awareness Camps:  (2 camps), Health and Eye testing camps: (2 camps), Community Health Monitors (CHM) Training and Field Visits, Communication: Puppetry for Health Communication

Trained Birth Attendants course: During 2014-15 we trained 70 traditional midwives in modern methods of hygiene and safety for mothers and infants, and gave refresher training on request to local ASHA’s and ANMs who voluntarily came to the camp.

First Aid: A total of 45 youth have been trained in Ganeshpur, Uttarkashi. 25 Youth were trained in Garur during 2014-15. Forty young persons were trained in Garur during 2013.

Eyesight testing: Over 71 children were tested for sight defects and have been given spectacles in Udkhuli and Loharchaura, Garur. 100 adults were also screened for eyesight problems. Cataract and other cases were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Adolescents Counseling: Eighty-three young adolescents received counseling in two villages in Garur. Young participants who attended our adolescent counseling camp repeatedly asked to arrange more such camps as it was the first time they were getting information about their lives and bodies in a knowledgeable and wholesome way. Many requested that parents be included in such knowledge camps as the young persons hardly received guidance from them. Feedback is attached with the RDI report.

Health Awareness camps: Around 300 patients were seen and treated. More than five hundred persons, men, women and children have received counseling and informative practical knowledge on health issues which can be prevented or treated locally at the family level.

Community Health Monitors: 6 persons have been trained to provide services such as testing for potable water, anemia testing for young girls and women, intestinal worms, ORS techniques and counseling for children’s diarrheas, simple water filtration techniques, early detection of tuberculosis, and nutritional and hygiene advice particularly for schoolchildren and teachers (regular interventions to check washing of hands, and maintenance of clean latrines. Reference and illustrative material has been provided to all villages where CHMs have outreach. They are expected to keep the counseling process.

Health messages through Puppetry. This is an ongoing activity of HT’s media and communication unit for social awareness. Health and educational messages are spread throughout the valley through puppetry performances, drama, and community radio.  The State Government units also use our puppetry team for their health campaigns.

3. Health Education for village communities (2008)

Five camps were held to impart First Aid and health issues for adolescents, women and alcohol addicts in our remotest project areas in both Garhwal and Kumaon where there are no doctors or health care facilities. The training was conducted by the Rural Development Institute of the Himalayan Hospital. Ten young candidates were sent to the RDI for further instruction in disseminating health messages through the medium of puppetry. The Trust has held intensive training in puppetry as a popular medium for its continuing health education programmes.


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