Skill Development

Building a Cadre of Skilled Youth for Livelihood

In February 2016, The Himalaya Trust started a  skill development pilot project in the two clusters (Garur and Kotabagh) with a target of skilling of 300 youths in different sector skill councils like  IT, Beauty and Wellness, Tailoring, etc.

The pilot was started to identify the different needs of mountain youth and women in terms of skills and as per the observations and findings, to develop a well equipped training center for the community. Sir Ratan Tata Trust supported the initiative financially for one year.

Progress: Since last 3 months, our teams have been able to interact with village communities and govt. Schools to impart training. In Garur, a team of trainers were being built since last one year with help from Bio metric training programme and efforts from our team. Regular Training of trainer has resulted in 3 of the youth playing the role of teachers for this project. THT has already started teaching students in 3 Government Schools near Garur area with a target of proving full training to at least 200 students along with giving basic knowledge of computers to students from class 9 to 12. With this project, we are already in touch with around 1200 students. Post training of the kids, we will be taking 20 best of them and encourage and help them to go for advbanced training on Information Technology.

In Kotabagh, identification and selection of women for Beauty and Wellness course and Tailoring is almost complete. THT expects the training to be started from May 1. A group of 100 women and youth will be trained in Kotabagh in the next 9 months. (Update: Beatician training has begun 2nd week May: check this)

The pilot is full of potential and will create a path for future actions. THT has already started networking with firms and institutions to explore the possibilities of em ployment for these youth and women after completion of training courses.

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