Systematic Rice Intensification Secheme: SRI

Systematic Rice Intensification Scheme (SRI)

A farming revolution: The green fields of rice, heavy with their ripening stalk, are the pride of farmers Dayal Singh of Tallihaat  and Bhopal Singh of Majharchaura (Patli). A farming revolution is quietly on its way in the beautiful Katyur valley.

As part of a people’s science program to adopt new techniques of rice planting, the group trained through HT in Kumaon has had outstanding results. Since 2008, 507 in 13 villages farmers have received training. 500 ha of land have come under this new method of cultivation. Yields have been spectacular, with grain content increasing by 35-60%. Fodder output has gone up by 50%. Twenty five farmers have now opted for the improved methods for sowing wheat as well.

The Trust has a cadre of trained persons who are imparting training to other partner villages. Training in making panchgavya manure which is not only highly nutritious but also keeps crop pests away has been given through 15 camps. The outcome of the SRI technique is to reduce the requirement for water, seeds, and fertilizer, while ensuring bigger crop yields.

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