Success Story from IT Unit of The Himalaya Trust

The waves of excitement reached the head office in Dehradun. The trainees were happy so does their teachers and the mentor!  And the team in the head office who is handling the helm of the SHIP (Skilling Himalayan People) felt the great sense of contentment. We all deserve to be HAPPY & EXCITED….after all the hard work and dedication of last couple of months are earning benefits. SIX trainees of our IT unit in Garur got selected by the company B2R (Business to Rural).

We are jumping on the news because all these champions of our IT unit are from rural background, with little or no access to vocational education. Our IT unit in Garur is catering to such students who have aspirations and dreams but often face challenges in availing skill training. Also to mention is the success of those three students who are now working as computer teachers in the schools of Garur.

The effort is like a drop but it is contributing in filling the pot. Pot here means all those places which are seeking skilled manpower. There is huge demand of skilled manpower in India which will keep on increasing in coming d20160923_151408_blog.jpgecades.

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