Personal & Environmental Hygiene

It has been three months since The Himalaya Trust (THT) started interacting with 6 village communities of Pithoragarh district and plan for Water and Sanitation program in all 6 villages. THT is working in these 6 villages to provide drinking water supply and distribution scheme and to sensitize people towards personal and environmental hygiene with the support of Himmotthan Society and Tata Relief Committee.

ropad cleaning.png

 In this regard, On January 12, 2016, team of THT organized a Cleansing Drive in village Ropad, Madkot area. Initially, villagers gathered in a place and talked about the progress of water and sanitation planning which was followed by THT team disseminating information on hygiene, sanitation, its need, its impact on health and economics, etc. Villagers actively participated in the meeting and suggested that a regular schedule should be made for environmental sanitation and cleaning of public places and pathways. The suggestions by a few villagers were taken positively by others and responsibilities were decided to clean the village on monthly basis.

There was excitement in villagers ad hence, a cleansing drive was organized after the meet. Around 30 people participated in the activity including village kids, women and youth. Villagers focused on cleaning of water sources, drains and public pathways. As Ropad village lies on the way to many other villages, people from other villages also appreciated the efforts.

THT team  is planning to organize such drives in other villages as well and motivate many more villages to work on personal and environmental hygiene and sanitation.

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