For the trainees of IT, tailoring and soft toy unit, communication skill workshop is being scheduled between 7th to 11th February 2017 with the objective to inculcate communication skills, self-assertion/ branding skills, & interviewing skills among the trainees. Participatory Learning Approaches (PLA) (like group exercises, energizers, mini presentations and Mock interviews) are being used in the workshop.

Brief about the first day workshop is as follows:

Mr. Sadan Mishra welcomed all the participants and briefly spoke about relevance of Communication skills. Then, participants and facilitators introduced themselves. After that the participants were divided into sub-groups and brainstormed about specific role of communication in THEIR own lives.  With the help of the game “Chinese Whisper” difference in “hearing and “listening” was discussed. The exercise brought out three important aspects of inter-personal communication: you must ensure clarity of the message by speaking loudly enough and repeating it if needed, let the other person ask back, to confirm and if in doubt, don’t hesitate to go back to the source, to cross check the facts. It also emphasized that listening skills can be very important.


In next activity, a small ambiguous story was given and every sub-group had to discuss and decide – unanimously- who could possibly be the thief in the story. Since the story was ambiguous, it generated lot of discussion and opinions – and every groups had to go through lot of negotiation to reach  unanimous answer. But of course the four subgroups had reached four different conclusions. In the second phase, the four group leaders were invited to sit together and reconcile their differences and arrive at a unanimous answer to the original question. Later, participants were invited to analyse as to how the unanimous decisions were reached in the two phases. Lessons learnt were: Discussion and disagreements can be healthy part of collective decision making. In this process- we should assert ourselves, offer logic and convince the other person – in a respectful and objective fashion – without resorting to brute force and without stone-walling oneself.

In the third major activity the four sub-groups brainstormed about the various stakeholders: people whom they should approach, if they wanted to start a Common Services Center in their neighborhood, after their computer training – which some of them are actually considering. All the groups realized that they will need to talk to many people in order to start their venture successfully: Pradhan, DM, SDM, Patwari, local businesses, schools, local thana etc. Thereafter, participants were invited to role plays: How will you meet the local patwari and what will you tell him about opening your CSC? etc. This activity was concluded by sharing some common-sense protocol about meeting bureaucrats regarding such issues.

At last, Mock Interviews were conducted for some of the participants by a panel of three- Dr Sachin Srivastava, Mr. Aman Badoni and Mr Omprakash Thapliyal.

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