Motivated Farmers – Increased Agriculture

The Himalaya Trust is again happy to see farmers in Ganeshpur cluster, Uttarkashi, marching forward step by step in order to revive agricultural practices and increase the yield of productIMG-20170613-WA0019ion! Progress may be gradual but seems sustained.

Year 2015 and 2016 was great for Maximizing Agriculture Initiative where farmers ere able to understand improved techniques, use of technology, field preparation, irrigation needs, better sowing methods, better seed varieties and so on. 700 Quintals of onion production in 2015 and similar in 2016 has continued this year as well. Though variety was changed this time (ALR, ADR and very less earlier variety of VL3), but the results are good (500 Quintals + production recorded and final figured are yet to come). Farmers are motivated and are getting good rates for their crop (Rs. 15 to 20/- per kg).

Initiative of seed production which started last year has also been a success as now farmers are understanding the value of seed production, its high prices and need for multiplication of improved seeds. This way, THT has stored 22 Quintals of breeder bulbs of VL3 variety which will certainly help us increase the land area in the next season.

Team has learnt a lot in the last 3 years of pilot project and now with extension to 15 villages from 6, we expect more farmers to join the initiative and link production with organized marketing. THT congratulates its team in Uttarkashi for their efforts!



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