Innovation with handicraft – Wise use of pine needle

Creativity has its own charm and possibilities. Many years have passed and the mountains are still finding ways to deal with problem of pine jungle. Neither it can be uprooted completely as the area coverage is huge nor one could find ways to utilize it wisely (though, research on electricity generation and using pine needles for cattle bed has been tried). Pine Needles have always been prime cause for spreading forest fires in the mountains and limited or no solutions are found to tackle with the issue. But now, the innovative use of pine needle by women and youth groups in Himachal is showing a way forward that can help livelihood and cleaning of needles from the mountain areas.

IMG_20170627_164626805.jpgThe Himalaya Trust (THT) recently came to know about the Women Groups in Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh trying their creativity to convert pine needles into a decorative product. THT is associated with UN Volunteer program being run with Nehru Yuva Kendra in Sirmour district and Mr. Mukul Sharma, our old colleague is trying to develop and promote this innovative idea so that pine handicraft can find a market and women groups, youth groups can make a livelihood out of it.

In this series, our first products have arrived in Dehradun (Samples). Team is excited to expand the geography and train more youth and women on this art. Have a look on photos and if you want them, do please contact our Dehradun office. Designers are also welcomed to give their inputs.

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