Harela (Green) Day Celebration

Uttarakhand mountains have always been in harmony with nature and it shows in our cultural practices, religious beliefs and nature reservation. Harela festival is celebrated in the mountains since ages and people worship trees, plants to show their relationship with nature.

IMG-20170720-WA0004To take the legacy further, now the day is celebrated by various Government and non Government institution to promote forest conservation, tree plantation, water conservation, etc. The Himalaya Trust also worked with two Gram Panchayats of Garur area in participation with the villagers and with the help of forest people.

On July 16th, approx. 200 trees were planted in village Takla and Kohina, Garur. Kohina is the last village of Garur Ganga river water shed and is far from the road nd market facilities. Pine jungle is spreading here also as in other parts of the mountains.

Shri Sadan Mishra ji, our Board member and regional Head along with village volunteers, youth and young Ex workers of THT planted trees on the day and discussed about the need of catchment work in the region so save Garur Ganga river which is a rain fed watershed.

Hope the efforts convert into people taking small household level actions to conserve the environment and contribute towards the betterment of the nature (obviously betterment for us)!


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