Sanitation and hygiene – Awareness Campaign

It has been a while since we have updated about various activities, THT has been involved with. Last 2 to 3 months in the mountains of Uttarakhand have received heavy rains, land slides in a few places, road blocks and usual difficulty in travel, especially in the far-flung areas like Munsyari, Pithoragarh. Rains have also caused water contamination and hence, water borne diseases in many geographies.

IMG-20170918-WA0003 IMG-20170918-WA0006

THT in September 2017 organized village level health camps in Drinking Water and Sanitation project area, Pithoragarh and tried to assess the adverse affect of contaminated water and ignorance of cleanliness on human health. It was observed that more than 30% of women in the region still suffer from White discharge issue and around 40% of children suffer from skin diseases linked with contaminated water. Around 400 individuals were consulted, diagnosed and treatment suggested.

Apart from this,  sanitation and hygiene campaign was also conducted in the region focusing on children and motivating them to become information disseminators. Video shows, skits and IEC pamphlets were the tools used to sensitize the community and children. The effort was to cashing in on the enthusiasm of younger generation  to achieve a cleaner, greener environment. Hygiene campaign in schools was followed by a cluster level school rally where children marched in the market area shouting slogans on cleanliness, use of clean water and motivating people to use garbage bins. An area full of garbage was also cleaned and organized by the children.

IMG-20171002-WA0008 IMG-20171002-WA0010

Next few months are going to be focused on further campaign on the issue and completing the water supply schemes in 6 villages of the region.

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