Partnership with SOIR-IM

In the process of building a larger pool of thinkers, supporters and well wishers, one more name has been added to the mix – Swedish organization for Individual Relief (SOIR-IM), Mussoorie road, Dehradun – SOIR-IM works towards uplifting and empowering marginalized groups in rural areas by organizing and mobilizing them through Self Help Groups, to increase their family income. Priorities given to women so that they have strengthened role in decision making process and control over productive resources.

THT has entered into partnership with SOIR-IM to work in 15 villages of Bhagartola Valley, Garur, Bageshwar, on the issue of women empowerment (economically and socially). Efforts would be given to build the capacity of women and motivating them to confront the challenges in the society and convert them into opportunities. Leadership, raising and addressing issues of gender biasness, skill development, natural resource management, promoting and demanding better governance, involvement of women in decision making are some of the key issues that will be taken up during the work with targeted community.IMG-20180119-WA0007

Initiative starts from October 3, 2017 for an initial phase of 15 months with a hope to convert the same into a long term programme with much more coverage and more people becoming part of the efforts. Key objectives of the programe are:

  1. To improve economic and physical condition of vulnerable class of the society (especially women) by exploring/introducing less labour intensive economic opportunities.
  2. To ensure improvement and recognition in the opinion of women and the society about women’s self-worth and participation and hence, addressing the issue of gender bias in all forms.
  3. To foresee visible emergence of women leadership to civic bodies, economic activities and hence, overall village development goals.
  4. To develop a skilled cadre of youth capable of identifying and establishing socially, environmentally and economically viable solutions for themselves.
  5. To promote climate change adaptation techniques as cross cutting issue to live in harmony with nature.

Team has conducted a detailed household survey covering 4 main aspects: 1. Demogaphy, 2. Sociology, 3. connect with Government and 4. Gender Issues. 

IMG-20180119-WA0008Report will be out soon based on raw data but we have already started a introductory  campaign raising issues of Human rights, Government’s role, village participation, village issues, women status, role of collective efforts and so on. Ramlalji is conducting Puppet shows and general discussions with villagers to develop a sense of connect with the project objectives. Team is also planning to work on key issues in the region: Lack of Water and Skill!

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