Follow the Liters Program

Drying up water sources, environment degradation and poor health facilities have always been a struggle for mountain people. On top of that, increasing population in river side towns is further contaminating water and there is limited knowledge shared with people about water borne diseases.

IMG-20171130-WA0007The Himalaya Trust (THT) with support from Himmotthan Society (HMS) and Vestergaard is working with 12 Government colleges in block Garur, Bageshwar, to provide clean drinking  water to more than 5000 students. This one year program consists of awareness campaign, information dissemination on water borne diseases, hygiene practices, etc.

Between November 26 and 29, 2017, 54 institutional water filters (life Straw) were distributed in 12 Government colleges and students informed on water and sanitation issues. A mixed team of THT and HMS visited all the colleges and demonstration use of water filter. we hope that school management supports the program by maintaining post installation operations.

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