Vision: The Trust’s vision is to ensure social, economic and environmental sustainability for remote Himalayan village communities through environmental and social action which leads to greater community well-being.

Mission: Our mission is to support and strengthen grassroots initiatives undertaken by local groups or individuals which promote conservation of natural resources and lead to an improvement in the quality of life of the community within their natural habitat and cultural setting. The Himalaya Trust encourages communities to develop a sense of pride and an attitude of trusteeship towards their unique ecological, intellectual and cultural heritage.

Our Aims: The primary aims of the Trust are:

To assist village people to restore the environmental health of their habitat by reversing the environmental degradation which is threatening their survival and depleting their natural resource base.

To explore locally feasible economic solutions for highland communities as an alternative to the persistent migration to the plains for employment.

To revitalize traditional knowledge of communities and practices of mountain cultures essential for their well being and social and economic stability;

To strengthen and energise grassroots institutions to take action to reinforce and enrich their natural biodiversity and water sources through micro-watershed planning.


To extend organizational support, guidance and training for locally relevant and sustainable projects arising from grassroots initiatives which nurture Nature;

To encourage and develop group leadership and initiatives through training and capability building programs;

To identify and support the efforts of women and needy groups to improve their livelihood options by developing their skills and access to resources and knowledge of rights and facilities;

To support projects for village communities which demonstrate a strong sense of community engagement;

To ensure transparency in the functioning of projects both at the centre and encourage good practices  and open governance at all times through open community discussions and shared decision making.