कृषि सम्मेलन – Farmer’s meet in Uttarkashi

पर्वतीय किसानों का एकदिवसीय कृषि सम्मेलन
सौजन्य से- हिमालय ट्रस्ट, हिमोत्थान एंव हंस फाउडेशन
स्थान- गणेशपुर- उत्तरकाशी दिनांक- 19 मार्च 2018

Follow the Liters Program

Drying up water sources, environment degradation and poor health facilities have always been a struggle for mountain people. On top of that, increasing population in river side towns is further contaminating water and there is limited knowledge shared with people about water borne diseases. The Himalaya Trust (THT) with support from Himmotthan Society (HMS) and…

Harela (Green) Day Celebration

Uttarakhand mountains have always been in harmony with nature and it shows in our cultural practices, religious beliefs and nature reservation. Harela festival is celebrated in the mountains since ages and people worship trees, plants to show their relationship with nature. To take the legacy further, now the day is celebrated by various Government and…

Lesser Known Hero – Shri Nalni Jayal

Mr. Nalni Jayal is the founder of The Himalaya Trust and we keep on hearing about his work on Environmental issues, establishment of National Parks, assistance in establishing Environment Ministry in India, Kinnaur Development, PIL on Tehri Dam and so on. But unfortunately, only a few people know of his efforts and the change we see today,…