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Annual Report 2013-15

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Katha Sarovar: Ek din ki baat hai (Folk stories from Garhwal)

This book was part of the project Katha Sarovar for training in story telling. It is a small collection of traditional fairy stories from Garhwal and is accompanied by a CD of the tales recorded by our community radio team. 

Hamare Van, Pahad aur Jeevan (Our Forests, Our Mountains, Our Lives)

The first book in the Amar Gyan series, this is a moving testament of how mountain dwellers relate to their harsh but beautiful land, and their spiritual links with it.


Project: An Oral Testimony for Mountain People.

 Pahadi Kheti: Kisano ka paramparagat vigyan (Highland Farming: The Farmers’ Traditional Science)

This was our second publication in the series Amar Gyan (Eternal Wisdom) based on testimonies of mountain farmers’ age – old knowledge of farming

Project: An Oral Testimony for Mountain People.